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Moors; [from Middle English More, from Old French, from Medieval Latin Mōrus, from Latin Maurus, from Greek Mauros]; A member of a Muslim people of mixed Berber and Arab descent, now living chiefly in northwest Africa

To the Moors, eating was more than simply processing food for consumption. The act of cooking was one of many stages involved in satiating ones appetite and would begin with the selection of the tastiest, juiciest vegetables, most tender meat and complimentary spices.

These ingredients would then be lovingly prepared by various members of the family as a social act in itself. Once cooked, both family and friends would come together as one, often eating with their hands so as to test the temperature of the food and savour the myriad of flavours locked inside each satisfying mouthful. This is the Moors way and indeed the backbone of the Moorish body of culinary delights, which is like a magician’s cave where mouthwatering dishes are conjured up.

Leading the Moorish culinary revolution in the North of England is Kada Bendaha. Born & raised in Algeria, Kada spent his formative years in education studying Arabic History & Literature before moving on to Paris in a quest to perfect his other passion, cooking.  Whilst in Paris, he nurtured his passion for food, working as a Parisian chef for 8 years before moving to Leeds with his English wife to develop his unique culinary vision.

Bringing a new continental approach to food & drink to the North was typified by his opening of the first Mediterranean coffee lounge “Kada’s” in Leeds. After the unbelievable success of this first venture, Kada and his team moved on to their next project, Moorish. However, as like the origins of his cuisine both Kada and Moorish were not destined to just stay in Leeds.

The amazing festival journey began when Moorish was invited to provide a unique catering experience for festival revelers. After several days of deliberation, Kada drew inspiration from childhood memories of Algerian Souks in Ramadan.

He remembered a famous vendor who was always busy with queues of people waiting for his food. Parallels can be drawn of festivals and the Souks, as both can be busy and hectic and the people want food that is quick, cheap, tasty and nourishing.

He recreated a similar concept of fast foods, applied his unique culinary stamp, which encompasses the Diaspora nature of the Moors as well as Kada’s continental education. He is now emulating that vendor with long busy festival queues waiting to experience his mouthwatering offerings.

Kada’s recipes and Moorish are award winning at festivals, winning Best Food Award at acclaimed boutique festivals such as Bestival and Secret Garden as well as countless others.